Review of Team 16GB SDHC card from Newegg

After seeing a good deal posted on last week about these SDHC cards from Team Group. I decided to bite.  Newegg was offering these cards at around 8 bucks each, so I decided to purchase two of them.  I figured for 8 bucks, I could use one of them for my Raspberry Pi, and the other I could stick in my camera bag as a backup.

Here is a link to them on Newegg:
They look to have pretty good reviews, and on the back of the packaging the manufacturer is claiming the following: Read up to 20 MB/s and Write up to 18 MB/s Fully Class 10 Compliant Lifetime warranty (always a plus!) After the cards arrived a few days later, I decided to give them a really quick and dirty speedtest using palimpsest that is built into Gnome on my Redhat Workstation. The cards came pre-formatted at Fat32, so in order to conduct a write test, I had to delete the partitions and start with a blank card. My results were so-so. I seen an average read speed of about 17.7 MB/s, but only saw an average write speed of about 3.9 MB/s. I will attach a screen shot below: 
Afterwards, I decided to put an ext4 filesystem on the card and do another speed test using dd. 
I was seeing better results when I had a filesystem on the card: [dixonly@dgs9wddmq1 /]$ sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/output.img bs=8k count=256k 262144+0 records in 262144+0 records out 2147483648 bytes (2.1 GB) copied, 124.021 s, 17.3 MB/s 
And here is the same test with a smaller byte size argument: [dixonly@dgs9wddmq1 /]$ sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/output.img bs=2k count=1024k 593791+0 records in 593791+0 records out 1216083968 bytes (1.2 GB) copied, 138.607 s, 8.8 MB/s For the money, these are good little cards. I would recommend them to anyone! 


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