WASD V1 Mechanical Keyboard unboxing and initial review.

I have been recently looking for the perfect keyboard. I have tried several im my search, from the IBM Model M, to my current Dell AT101.  Recently I had heard about this company named WASD Keyboards that cusstom builds keyboards with whatever design you wish on the keycaps.  Another feature these guys offer is the ability to pick your switch.  Currently they are offering Cherry MX Black, Brown, Blue and Red keyswitches. I decided to give them a shot, and replace my old and tiring Dell AT101.

I have been working on my keyboard design for a few weeks using their online custom keyboard designer which can be found here: http://www.wasdkeyboards.com/index.php/custom-designer/

and finally settled on this design: http://www.wasdkeyboards.com/custom-designer/?k=1&s=6c8ef13d597e2ddbbb9fa71bc0b8ffef

I ordered my keyboard on Dec. 19th, and even considering the massive rush WASD was experiencing for the holidays, I still received my keyboard in a very short time.  It arrived in the mail on Dec. 30th.  I recorded the unboxing video, as well as my first impressions and posted them on YouTube.  See that video here:


I am currently typing this blog post on the WASD keyboard, and I am incredibly pleased with its performance. The Cherry MX Blue keyswitches are a typists dream to type on. The have very light action, and the clicky and tactile feedback you get from them are great.  At my office, my keyboards routinely see around 100K keystrokes per week, as most of the work I do is from a command line.  Having a smooth and comrfortable keyboard is pretty much a necessity.  WASD does a great job with the engraving. I had uploaded a custom logo using their online form, and asked them to engrave the logo onto the "Windows" key and I am very pleased with the results.


Add, Remove, and adjust disks and file systems in AIX 6.1

You can use the built in tool called SMITTY to resize files systems in AIX.  Supply SMITTY with the FS argument to work with the file systems.  See instructions below for a walk through of adjusting /opt

Launch Smitty by typing:  smitty fs

Arrow down to the third option "Add / Change / Show / Delete File Systems" and press enter.


Select "Enhanced Journaled File System" and press enter.

Arrow down to the third option labled "Change / Show Characteristics of an Enhanced Journaled File System" and press enter.

This will bring up a selection box of the available partitions and file systems that can be edited. Use the arrow keys to select the one you want to modify, and press enter.

Now you will see all available options for editing.  To adjust the size of the file system, arrow down to the line labeled "Number of Units"
In this example, I have adjusted the file system to 12582912 units  which is equivalent to 6 GB.
Once you have entered the desired size, press the enter key to accept.

Give the system a few seconds to adjust the size, and if successful you will see a message similar to the one below.

Once you see this confirmation, press the F10 to exit smitty.

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